Three Fortnite Creative Modes to Check Out

Fortnite Creative Mode. Epic Games
Fortnite Creative Mode. Epic Games /

Creative Mode on Fortnite has been amazing since it was introduced and has allowed the community to express itself in more ways than even Epic Games imagined. Here are three Creative modes to check out for yourself that are currently in Fortnite.

Fortnite Creative Mode has allowed players to express themselves beyond imagination and Epic Games has continued to shed light on just how important the mode really is.

Players of course can create their own games and have other players decide whether they are fun and many content creators have prided themselves on creating new modes in Creative that thousands and even millions play on a daily basis.

Many members of the Fortnite community partake in these modes, one of them specifically being Muselk, an Australian streamer who is known for his antics and memes. Here is one of his videos playing a mode on Creative. **NSFW**

Creative mode’s death runs are very popular among the community as new ones pop-up nearly every day and other game modes such as prop hunts and other modes appear daily as well.

For players looking for easy game modes, each mode has its own difficulty setting and can allow players to access easier or harder game modes depending on what they feel like dealing with.

In the four hours that your server is open, here are three of the Creative Modes you should try out for yourself and what makes each mode fun in itself and why the modes should be played and respected by those who made the mode.

SwitchStep: Created by Mseymour7

SwitchStep is a mini game created by mseymour7 and requires 2-5 players to play.

The mode works on a wave basis with a new color being selected for each round and players having to get to the selected color faster than others.

If you end up on the wrong color, you begin to take damage which of course can lose you the game entirely against one or four other players.

A gold platform will be in the game as well but in the rules it says that the platform is always unavailable unless it is selected as the safe color at the beginning of the wave.

When the color is chosen at the beginning of each wave, the color will spawn one Chiller Grenade for players to use against their opponents or give themselves a boost towards the next wave.

The last player standing wins in this game mode and it is a game mode that does not take up tons of time and is truly fun for everyone involved. After playing the mode myself I would recommend running a test round before you play so everyone understands the rules but the mode is very fun and worth a shot with a couple of your friends.

The World Cup Trivia: Created by Shride

The name is pretty self-explanatory but The World Cup Trivia is a very simple but fun game to test your knowledge about the four events from the Fortnite World Cup event.

20 questions are asked of players regarding the Creative, Duo, Pro-Am and Solo World Cup events and of course the questions get more increasingly difficult as you progress through the game.

The course which you progress through is very nice and smooth and rewards players by propelling them under a rock bridge towards the next question.

I ended up getting 15 of the 20 questions correct, so I’d say I did pretty well but everyone should test their knowledge and compare scores with friends and see just how much they know about Fortnite’s biggest event.

1 Hour: Created by JAG

1 Hour is definitely more extreme than the first two games but this mode was definitely mind boggling and very fun.

The mode unveils that you have been chosen to do the bidding of figuring out how to save a gym and your friend Deny at the commands of an unknown person.

You wake up in the basement of the gym and face the reality that your livelihood is at stake and you have to do whatever you can to save yourself and the gym.

Of course you have one hour to complete the tasks assigned to you and you do have time to think but have to act on your decisions pretty quickly to be able to complete the game and boy is it relieving when you do.

Again, this game mode is more time consuming and extreme than the others but is definitely worth a shot if you have some downtime in between events or want to take a break from other modes.

Creative Mode of course updates daily but these game modes should definitely be on your list when loading up your server.