How to Easily Complete Season 10 Week 2 Challenges

Paradise Palms Gas Station. Epic Games
Paradise Palms Gas Station. Epic Games /

The Fortnite Battle Pass for Season 10 continues to give us some fun challenges week-by-week and that is no different with Spray & Pray for week 2. Here is how you can easily complete and prestige your challenges for Spray & Pray.

Every week in Season 10 will feature a new set of challenges and to say that isn’t fun would be mind-blowing.

Week 2 of Season 10 is fresh and with still a few days remaining for those with the Battle Pass to complete the Spray & Pray objectives as part of week 2 challenges, there is still a chance for everyone to complete the challenges and earn some pretty solid rewards.

Let’s get right into the challenges and how to complete each one and the items and earnings you get from each objective.

Challenge 1: Deal 500 Damage with SMGs to Opponents

Of course Fortnite decided to keep things simple for it’s first challenge by allowing players to deal 500 damage to opposing players while using an SMG.

The only tip we could give here is to pick up any kind of SMG at the beginning of games and just go to town on other players but this is a challenge that can definitely be done by playing your normal play style and will reward you with 10 Battle Stars towards your pass.

Challenge 2: Spray a Fountain, a Junkyard Crane, and a Vending Machine

This is where the challenges begin to get more fun and interesting. Just by looking at the name of the challenge, you know what you are looking for and the names are a dead giveaway as to where to find them.

Your fountain can be found at Mega Mall while the Junkyard Crane is of course at Junk Junction. Vending machines appear at random areas across the map so spraying one when you see it is your best option there.

Completing this challenge in one game would likely be very difficult with the distance between Junk Junction and Mega Mall being very far apart but it should not take more than two matches to complete. You earn 10 Battle Stars for completing this mission.

Challenge 3: Spray Different Gas Stations

You have eight choices when trying to find these gas stations and you only need three.

Of the eight, six of them are primarily located in the Paradise Palms area of the map while Pleasant Park, Tilted Town and Salty Spring contain one as well.

This challenge would be best completed by landing near Paradise Palms and knocking them out by spraying them at the very beginning of the game. This challenge could easily be completed in one game with the right strategy. You earn 10 Battle Stars for completing this mission.

Challenge 4: Find 5 Different Spray Cans

Again, you have an abundance of choice here when looking for spray cans as there are nine of them on the map and each is near a spray painting.

Here is a map showing each location for the spray cans.

Fortnite spray can map outline. Epic Games
Fortnite spray can map outline. Epic Games /

This challenge may take a few games due to the storm messing up your path but your best bet is try and move from Junk Junction downwards on the left side of the map or just land in the snowy section, grab three of them in one game and then land near Mega Mall and grab the other two in the following game. You gain 5,000 XP points for completing this mission.

Challenge 5: Deal 3,000 Damage to Opponents Structures with a Minigun

This one may sound tricky but dealing 3,000 damage with a mini gun towards structures, not players, is much easier than it sounds.

If you have a mini gun in hand and see a few players in a massive build fight, go ahead and shred their building and stack up on damage or even use it in the end game to destroy builds and possibly obtain a Victory Royale.

You could also use the mini gun to destroy builds at the beginning of the game as well to pick up some quick eliminations. This rewards you with 10 Battle Stars after completion.

Challenge 6: Eliminate 3 Opponents with an SMG from 15 m Away

Again, this may sound tricky at first, but who is really eliminating a player with an SMG farther than say 25-30 m anyway.

Easiest way to complete this mission would be to push your enemies and shred them with the burst SMG or any other SMG for that matter and continue to put pressure on them, especially at the beginning of games.

This rewards you with 10 Battle Stars after completion.

Challenge 7: Search 7 Chests in Tilted

Of course Tilted Town is now the form that Tilted has taken and this challenge may be difficult because so many players land in the area and gaining chest access will be very difficult.

If you are a good fighter and player without building, this challenge shouldn’t take long but for those who lack that skill, you should expect to take a few games to complete this challenge.

This is also the only challenge before the prestige challenges that gives you an item, a back bling known as Paint Pack that has multiple spray paint bottles on a bookbag and looks pretty awesome.

Prestige Missions

I won’t go into much detail regarding the prestige missions because they all have their own unique set of completing them and after completing the first missions you should get the gist of how they are going. Here are the prestige missions for Spray & Pray.

  • 2 eliminations with an SMG in a single match – 1000 XP
  • Search 5 chests inside containers with windows(shipping containers) – 1000 XP
  • Spray 6 cars or trucks in different named locations – 1000 XP
  • Visit 2 graffiti covered billboards in a single match(Shifty Shafts and Salty Springs) – Teknique Emoticon
  • Deal opponents 500 damage with the mini gun
  • Eliminate 5 opponents with an SMG less than 5 m away
  • Eliminate 5 opponents in Tilted with the Tilted Teknique outfit – Tilted Teknique(Streetsytle) outfit

The prestige missions require a ton more of eliminations but all of these missions can be completed in one long session of gameplay in your downtime.

Go out and complete the Spray & Pray missions and get your some nifty rewards and progression towards tier 100 of your Battle Pass.