Has Fortnite Gotten Harder to Play Over Time?

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Fortnite has changed a lot over the course of 10 seasons and that includes the overall skill of just how good players have gotten over the course of that same amount of time. With the games additions and how well everyone is playing, has the game become harder to play because of this?

In Fortnite Season 1 and even a few seasons after, plenty of players remember base skin players who had no idea what they were doing and even casual players were still gripping the idea of building and fighting well on a consistent basis.

Over time, players of Fortnite have gotten much better than they were a few seasons ago. Seeing players across all parts of the game is of course very solid for Fortnite and the overall community but has it made the game harder to play? The answer is yes.

With everyone seemingly able to build and fight pretty well, casual players feel as if they are at a disadvantage because they haven’t kept up with the times and kept building as a player with others but it also isn’t just the overall player skill at all.

Some items have made the game very hard to play as well and obviously one that was added to Season 10 comes to mind, the B.R.U.T.E and it makes the game even more increasingly difficult. Ziplines, ballers from Season 9 and hover boards have also allowed players to be able to avoid gun fights pretty easily and also create havoc that some players can’t handle.

Facing certain players can be stressful but every fight and every build is a growing and teaching moment for every player. Every situation a player encounters will teach them about not only their playing style but how to improve and get better.

Fortnite as a game has grown and been positive for quite some time and so have its players and a game being difficult can make it better for everyone involved because players who are of a lower skill level will eventually grow into solid players and the platform can continue to progress for both casual and professional players.

Do you think Fortnite has gotten harder? Let us know in the comment on if you agree or disagree and why you feel the way you do. We love to here your feedback.