Bugha and Tfue Could Be Rivalry Twitch Needs

Tfue is one of the best known names among the Fortnite community and after Ninja’s move to Mixer, many believed he would take the throne at the top of Twitch. Fortnite World Cup winner Bugha has been growing fast and the rivalry between the two creators could be the rivalry Twitch needs.

Tfue and Bugha are two names among the Fortnite community that even the most casual player would know following the World Cup, which was won by Bugha, and Tfue has already been a big name among the community and his removal from FaZe Clan gained him some popularity as well.

Many expected Tfue to take over as the top-dog on Twitch after Ninja decided to leave Mixer and it left both content creators and Twitch itself scrambling for a solution to make up for his absence and it may have come naturally due to a Twitch metric that has shown that Bugha’s channel has grown significantly more than Tfue and even Fortnite itself(this metric will show growth from July 9 to August 9).

Top-three growing channels. Twitchmetrics

This metric of course does not state the fact that Tfue is circulating around 6.7 million followers and most of Bugha’s followers are coming from this growth spurt as he currently sits around 550,000.

Bugha of course has praise at the moment due to the fact that he is fresh off of a $3 million win in NYC at World Cup and at only 16 the kid has built a pretty solid character for himself.

Tfue has also put Fortnite is a tough spot after he threatened to leave the game due to the B.R.U.T.E’s and their overpowering ability and Bugha has even shown his frustrations with the B.R.U.T.E but through gameplay rather than a full-fledged rant.

This is the rivalry that Fortnite, Twitch and Epic Games needs. These two are both amazing builders and players and proved it at World Cup and if Bugha and Tfue continue to face-off in Fortnite Friday every week, the rivalry could grow and create almost a line between both audiences and make for a fun time for everyone involved.

Of course other creators like TimTheTatMan and others are still running strong ahead of Bugha but his growth, especially so quickly, is something that has put the entire Twitch platform on notice and Tfue shouldn’t be worried but he should know he has competition.

Twitch was looking for something to propel Fortnite again on Twitch and it has been gift-wrapped for them like a Christmas present. It will be interesting to see just how well this rivalry grows and just how often we could see these two face off in the near future in-game.