Let’s Take a Look at the Automatic Sniper Rifle

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Fortnite’s newest patch in Season 10 gave us tons to talk about including Neo Tilted taking a wild western turn as well as the addition of a brand new weapon in the form of the Automatic Sniper Rifle. Let’s take a look at Fortnite’s newest shiny weapon.

Fortnite has yet again added a new weapon for players to fiddle with in the form of the Automatic Sniper Rifle and it is definitely a fun weapon to use right off of the rip.

Before we deep dive into the weapon’s logistics, let’s take a look at how the weapon plays in-game and just how powerful and useful the sniper rifle can be from distance.

The weapon itself comes in a Rare, Epic and Legendary variant and uses medium ammo instead of heavy ammo like every other sniper rifle currently in the game.

From first look and according to the Patch Notes, the Automatic Sniper Rifle shoots much faster than other sniper rifles due to its automatic shooting style.

As far as damage is concerned, here is an outline of body hits and headshots based on variants.

  • Body Shots : Rare – 31 damage / Epic – 33 damage / Legendary – 35 damage
  • Headshots : Rare – 62 damage / Epic – 66 damage / Legendary – 70 damage

Putting in retrospect that you can shoot four rounds per second, a player can be eliminated in just one second with two headshots at the beginning of the game if a player has good enough aim. As for shooting at a player with full health, if all four rounds connect to the head in that one second, a player can be eliminated very quickly.

The sniper rifles gets 16 rounds per clip, so you have four seconds of shooting time and even though your scope on the sniper rifle is reduced, the weapon appears to stay pretty accurate with good aim.

The Automatic Sniper Rifle easily has the potential to be the best sniper rifle in the game and at the beginning of it’s presence here in Fortnite, that could be the case for both professional and casual players.

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