Gen G Changes the Game With All Women’s Esports Team


Gen-G and Bumble made history by creating the first all female Esports Fortnite team and though it did not get much recognition, the creation of team changes the landscape of the professional Fortnite scene a lot more than one would think.

Women make up more than 25 percent of the demographic that plays Fortnite, yet none were featured in the solo World Cup in NYC just over a week ago.

Despite this, Esports platform Gen-G and dating service Bumble partnered to create the first ever women’s Fortnite team, which features KittyPlays, maddiesuun, TINARAES, Carlee and Hannah and future players could be added to the team in the near future as the team progresses and builds.

Here is the official announcement from Gen-G and Bumble themselves.

Many do not know this about Bumble but the platform is not just for dating. It has three different filters for searching including dating, business and BFF modes which each have their own unique way of finding matches and Bumble actually contains a gaming filter for users to find gamers in their area and play together.

As for Gen-G, the creation of “Team Bumble” changes everything for the Fortnite professional scene. KittyPlays is obviously the most popular of the five women but each has their own platform and own style of play that makes them very popular among the community and by creating a team of five, Gen-G has given these women a chance to compete on the highest level for Epic Games and Fortnite.

Via Engadget, the women will also receive their very own streaming room at the Gen-G training facility in Los Angeles and Bumble is devoted to building a stronger female presence among the Fortnite community.

This move helps not only Gen-G but also Fortnite itself. The game has prided itself on trying to be as inclusive as possible and by this team forming and creating a strong female presence, Fortnite has a wide open door to close the gender and ethnic gap in the community and create arguably one of the most inclusive if not the most inclusive games of all time.

This introduction of an all female team can also open the door for other games such as Call of Duty and other powers to become even more inclusive as well so hopefully this move empowers not only Fortnite but every game to be as inclusive as possible and get out of the stereotype that only boys play games.

Time will tell just how well these ladies will do on the competitive scene but as far as being a team goes, these ladies will do just fine. Take a bow Gen-G, Bumble and Fortnite, you are truly changing the landscape of gaming.