Pleasant Park is the Key to Completing Some Challenges for Season 10


Fortnite Season 10 featured a change in challenges for the Battle Pass by introducing live events but also bringing back player skin challenges as well. Catalyst is a tier 1 skin from the Battle Pass and has a pretty cool challenge from Week 1 and Pleasant Park will be your best friend in completing it.

Season 10 of Fortnite is still fairly young as the season began just a few days ago and with the season came a slew of new challenges which are timed and the return of player skin challenges came as well.

If you have already purchases the Season 10 Battle Pass from Fortnite, you noticed that you began with two player skins, one being the Catalyst skin, a legendary skin apart of the Drift Set that has unique styles by completing in-game challenges but one in particular has been messing with players, including myself, and was not expected to.

One of the challenges apart of the Catalyst challenges features finding all 10 stop signs around the map while using the Catalyst skin and that brings us to yet another new addition to Fortnite which was brought by Season 10, prestige missions.

I found this out when I completed finding 10 stop signs across the map because I thought “Well cool I have my Battle Pass points so now I’m done.”, but then I noticed that prestige missions add more difficulty to each tier of mission.

For those looking to complete the 10 stop signs, 10 can be found in only four locations which are Mega Mall, Salty Springs, Paradise Palms and Pleasant Park.

After completing the 10 stop signs, you then have a fairly difficult challenge but also a fun one when you realize it is not as difficult as it seems. You have to find seven of the stop signs using the Catalyst skin in one match and though that may sound hard, it truly isn’t because one place in particular will save you some much needed time to complete other challenges.

Pleasant Park is personally a favorite landing spot of mine and for this challenge it should be for everyone because the location has 13 total stop signs meaning the initial challenge can also be completed in Pleasant Park.

Landing in the top part of Pleasant Park is your best bet as five stop signs lay next to each other in the Northwest part of the area and three more sit in the Northeast portion of the area. The remaining four are pretty spaced out so going for the more cluttered area will give you a much better chance at completing the challenge quickly.

These challenges are always fun and here at Forever Fortnite we are going to be here for all of your challenge questions and needs throughout the next couple of weeks.