Which Vaulted Item Should Have Stayed in Fortnite?


Fortnite’s opening patch of Season 10 vaulted eight items, the Baller, Quad Crasher, Flint Lock Pistol, Shadow Bomb, Semi-Auto Sniper, Tactical Assault Rifle, Mounted Turret and Air Strike. Of those, which item in particular should have stayed in the island for Season 10.

With each Fortnite season comes the opening to vault weapons and items outside of the map and it hurts when some of our favorites are gone for the time being.

From v.10.0 Patch Notes, here are the vaulted items that have been taken out of the game to begin Fortnite Season 10.

Quad Crasher
Flint Knock Pistol
Shadow Bomb
Semi-Auto Sniper
Tactical Assault Rifle
Mounted Turret
Air Strike

Looking at this list at a glance, we see three weapons gone, which is a pretty hefty number compared to past patches, and all three had a pretty positive impact on the overall gameplay in Season 9.

The pistol did significant damage early on in games and got some players out of danger, the sniper allowed players to lay the pressure on their opponents, especially when they would try to revive their teammates or re-create builds and the Tac Assault Rifle made entering fights against faster paced weapons less of a hassle.

The biggest item off of this list that will impact players with it’s loss will easily be the Baller, which was used by a plethora of players in the Fortnite World Cup, because it allowed players to easily destroy builds and remain in the game when things get tight and get out of danger quickly.

The Shadow Bomb also served this purpose pretty well as albeit a small duration of time, it allowed players to weave out of danger pretty quickly.

The Quad Crasher, Mounted Turret and Air Strike never truly made a huge impact on gameplay to have any real precedence to remain in the game as all three served no real purpose as other things in the game can fill the void that is left by these items leaving the game.

With all of that said though, which item or weapon should have stayed for Season 10? Well, keeping the Tactical Assault Rifle would have gone a long way, but Ballers should have stayed.

Ballers are definitely annoying to fight against but they served a huge purpose in gameplay. They could be used for a number of different reasons.

Let’s highlight those reasons. Firstly, the Baller was always great in fights because it had a relatively small hit box and could do some real damage to opposing builds and even knock players around and stick to them from time-to-time to create absolute havoc when trying to stop them.

Secondly, they were a very helpful item to use to get out of the storm and out of sticky situations such as being sandwiched between multiple players and being on one end of a moving storm at the end of a game that makes games even more difficult.

Lastly, they are just plain fun and with wind tunnels on the out as well, there is really no way to quickly move across the map unless you have a Launch Pad or a Hoverboard and it definitely makes things difficult if you are unlucky with a poor first circle due to a bad landing spot.

Does the Baller’s vaulting have a lasting impact on gameplay? Not really, but its lack of presence will definitely be felt in both the casual and professional communities. How players who used the Baller and its positive uses move forward will be told and professional players will surely find new ways to get themselves out of impossible situations.

Of the items vaulted, which one are you most upset about? These items will be missed and we most definitely see an Unvaulted mode come out soon featuring these weapons and items.