Fortnite Season 10 Map Changes and How They Will Impact the Map


Fortnite and Epic Games released Season 10 to begin the month of August and with that came some map changes that many expected to come from the teasers. With that said, how will these map changes affect the map for Season 10 and beyond?

Fortnite Season 10 is finally here and Epic Games once again came through with some map changes as Season 9 is in the rear view mirror and a new season is upon us.

As many expected, Dusty Depot made its much anticipated return in its original form before it was destroyed by a meteorite and turned into a relic among the island.

The wind tunnels that once scaled all across the map are also gone as Neo Tilted and its energy are practically gone after the orb explosion we saw in the teaser trailer.

Most of the map is still relatively the same, with the icy part of the map still intact, Paradise Palms and the desert area remaining the same and many other areas remaining untouched.

Despite this though, the map seems to be in a state of change with a huge meteorite floating above the island headed straight for Dusty Depot. The monster bones are also still on the map as well but now has red markings all around it.

Let’s explore each major change to the map and how it will impact the map in the future as well as how the map could change as Season 10 continues with the island in a major state of unknowingness.

The Return of Dusty Depot

Dusty Depot is back and from what I have seen, many people are excited about the return of the factory like area that has seen many epic battles since Battle Royale began.

The area is in the same spot it was before, placed near the middle of the map in between Mega Mall and now Neo Tilted. The main major change though is the fact that an interactive meteorite is hurling towards the area much like it did before in past seasons.

The meteorite can actually be entered by players on the island when they either fly in or build up to it as it is floating in the sky above Dusty Depot. Once inside, players can find loot and chests for items as well as the capsule that once inhabited our old pal the Visitor, but he is not inside, which has led some people to believe that he is somewhere on the island hiding, much like he was before he shot off the rocket in Season 4.

With the return of Dusty Depot, players will surely inhabit the middle of the map much more than normal returning to the area, so if you are in search for eliminations, going to Dusty Depot and other areas surrounding will definitely be your best opportunity to do so.

For those who do not like much action right off the rip, heading to smaller areas around the map should still be your way of action when entering the island when the game begins.

Games ending near Dusty Depot will also allow players to make use of the meteorite for high ground, so the area will definitely make battle’s in the middle of the map very high octane and very fun.

Wind Tunnels Are Limited and Neo Tilted Could See a Change Soon

After the orb exploded, the zero-point energy sent shockwaves across the map and thus took out the wind tunnels that occupied the map but left some in Neo Titled and Mega Mall.

There have been rumors that due to the lack of energy that once powered Neo Tilted, the area could see a very hard recession and take a turn for the worst and fly back in time, creating a Western town rather than a futuristic area.

This rumor definitely impacts the map in a huge way as we could see all futuristic components of the island go away and shift towards the past. This would make Neo Tilted much more like the old Titled Towers, a battle that would mostly be impacted by high ground rather than hoping in tunnels to avoid incoming gun fire.

Watching closely the changes that will come to Neo Tilted should be interesting and how it will impact Season 10 is highly unknown.

So, those two changes are the biggest that we see amongst the map so far to begin Season 10 but what do you guys think are some changes we may not have seen? Let us know and enjoy all of our Season 10 content.