What Did the Season 10 Trailer Tell Us About Fortnite?


Season 10 of Fortnite kicks off on 08.01.2019 and the tenth installment of Epic Games’ season based system has been teased for weeks. We finally have a trailer for the upcoming season but what did it really tell us about what we could expect to begin the month of August fresh off of the World Cup?

Season 10 of Fortnite is right in front of us. We have seen tons of high octane action in Season 9 which was capped off with a huge fight that changed the island forever.

Here is the official trailer for Season 10 ahead of the release of the season tomorrow by Epic Games.

This trailer offers tons of information regarding Season 10. For starters, the zero-point energy theory, which derived mainly from Reddit users, seems to be correct. The theory dates back to Season 4 when The Visitor shot off the rocket using the energy, thus forcing Singularity to hide it until she has to use it to defeat Cattus in the epic Season 9 battle.

With it now exploding though, it seems we could be on a ride of epic proportions, seeing old weapons and areas come out of the woodwork and re-enter the island.

When the trailer begins, we see a character running from the explosion and being sent into another dimension, seeing many different things such as a Battle Bus, a chest, a dinosaur from the park, a beach ball from the summer season and many other smaller things.

The view focuses on the rocket shot off by the visitor in the very first live event we ever saw in Fortnite, re-creating an awesome moment which also had an explosive impact on the map.

We then see the gold sub-machine gun as he tries to reach out for it but it flies past him, thus turning him around to the surprise of Sunny Steps and the Pirates from Season 8.

After this he sees Loot Lake in the state it was in after Kevin the Cube absorbed himself into it and flung the area into the skies. Shortly after we get a look back at the holidays, which aren’t too far away, where we see Christmas tree’s and the Ice King’s sled.

We then move towards the golf carts from the golf course as well as Lucky Landing before the Banana guy gives you a look of disdain as he floats away.

The trailer concludes with the character falling to the ground in front of the old Dusty Depot from way back in Season 1, with a meteorite just about to strike it again but with items from season’s past surrounding it before the trailer ends.

So, what does this mean for Season 10 as a whole? Well, we predicted what the orb could do in a prior story, which can be found here, and one of the predictions indicated time travel and after this trailer that prediction could be right.

The trailer teases the return of plenty of things including Dusty Depot, the gold sub-machine gun and many other things that can be found with a keen eye and thought process.

The map is most definitely going to go through some changes and the return of Dusty Depot likely gives Fortnite all the creativity in the world to bring back popular spots such as the Motel, maybe the golf course and other areas of popularity.

Some weapons and items will be vaulted and it would not surprise me to see the Burst SMG take the hit and be vaulted or the regular SMG because with the return of the old one, there would be no need for all three in the game.

As for skins, new renditions of old classics will likely return. I could see the Banana Skin return but as a leveled skin, maybe adding some new additions to his appearance. Rust Lord could also make a return with a huge focus on Dusty Depot and I am sure other popular skins will make their returns as well.

With this all said, we will be providing updates on the Battle Pass, map changes and everything you need regarding Season 10! Follow us @FSFortnite on Twitter for all of your Fortnite updates.