Fortnite World Cup Celebrity Pro-Am Overview and Predictions


Fortnite Pro-Am in New York City will feature a roster of 50 pros and 50 celebs battling for $3,000,000 for charity. Here are our predictions and overview of the tournament ahead of the clash on July 26.

Fortnite World Cup has been on every Fortnite player’s calendar for the entire year and the event has easily been the most hyped event of the year for Epic Games.

In 2018, the event set the stage for the event when E3 played host in MLS soccer team LAFC allowed the event to be played in their new soccer stadium in Los Angeles. The event featured major duos and saw Ninja and EDM artist Marshmello win in the City of Angels and build the hype even higher for 2019.

In 2019, the event shifted its focus again on Los Angeles, seeing Airwaks and RL Grime come out victorious in the event’s second installment.

Both winning duos will be returning for the event’s third go-round in New York this weekend, but I personally believe we will be crowning a third winning duo this year in the Big Apple. With a star-studded cast and plenty of professional talent to go around, the surprise factor is sure to be in play this weekend.

This World Cup will feature duos CourageJD x UFC star Sean O’Malley, Loserfruit x Alison Wonderland, Ali-A and NBA star Aaron Gordon and Muselk x Wax Motif just to name a few that will be in the field of 50 duos for the event.

Here is our overview and predictions for the Fortnite Pro-Am at the World Cup this year.

First, let’s start by showing you the full slate of duos for the event.

After scrolling through all of those tweets, you can see some nice talent from the professional scene making their presence felt once again at the Celebrity Pro-Am. Myth, Friz, Frapzz and many others will join the likes of Ninja and others while celebrities will give it a shot at the Battle Royale.

The event is played within a unique system with a scoring system solely based on placement and eliminations, much like the system we saw in the Arena game mode throughout the season.

Each team will earn one point per elimination, three points for finishing between 11th-15th, five points for finishing in the 6th-10th position, seven points for finishing in 2nd-5th position and ten points for the Victory Royale.

The prize pool, which mentioned earlier featured $3,000,000 for charities of the player’s choosing, will be divided up to all of the teams.

1st – $1,000,000

2nd – $500,000

3rd – $250,000

4th – $100,000

5th – $85,000

6th – $75,000

7th – $65,000

8th – $55,000

9th – $40,000

10th – $30,000

11th-50th – $20,000

Now that you know all of the information for the event besides the specific date and time, let’s get into our predictions.

Obviously Ninja and Marshmello will likely finish in the top 5 and I believe Airwaks and RL Grime will be right there with them, but neither will come out victorious. FaZe Kay and Kyle Kaplan make up a very solid team with Kay’s style of play, but even they will finish high but not get the victory.

Some of the field tends to be very tense and in their usual competitive mode, but in past tournaments we have seen one player in particular have the most fun and play very well in the process.

The Australian crazy man Muselk and Wax Motif to me will have the best shot at winning this tournament. Why you ask? Muselk did not finish in the top ten in either of the first two tournaments so I truly believe he has something to prove ahead of this tournament. Meanwhile his partner Wax Motif, who is an Australian DJ and Producer, will have just as much fun as his fellow Aussie partner and the duo make arguably the most care-free group in the tournament.

As far as a top-five prediction goes, I believe the tournament will shape out something like this.

  1. Muselk x Wax Motif
  2. Ninja x Marshmello
  3. FaZe Kay x Kyle Kaplan
  4. Airwaks x RL Grime
  5. Flakes Power x Edukof

What do you guys think? Let us know on Twitter at @FSFortnite and tune in to the Celebrity Pro-Am event on July 26 at 4pm ET on Twitch and other major streaming platforms.