Why the Return of the Tac Shotgun is Good for Fortnite


Fortnite released another patch on July 17 which brought back a fan favorite in the form of the Tac shotgun, but with a new look and availability. Here is why the return of the Tac Shotgun is going to be good for gameplay.

What’s new? Well, new is old as the Tactical Shotgun returned to gameplay from v.9.40 of Fortnite along with many gameplay fixes and updates.

The Tac shotgun has been in the game for longer than I can remember and its return in Epic and Legendary form will surely change combat styles for players both professional and casual.

Lets dive into what the patch notes and see what the new Tac shotgun has in store for us.

For starters, the Tac Shotgun has a brand new look.

Dexerto. Epic Games
Dexerto. Epic Games /

The old version of the Tac Shotgun is still in the game but is only available in every form below Epic.

With a headshot multiplier of 2.25 to go along with 83/87 maximum damage, the new Tac Shotgun is sure to be killer at the beginning of matches when health is low and at the end of matches when damage needs to be dealt.

You can shoot the new shotgun every 1.5 seconds, so as a player you need to be precise in your aim, maybe by not aiming at all, and take advantage by aiming for headshots as well as body shots as both will deal immense damage to your opponent.

This weapon is much better than the Combat Shotgun in my opinion due to the fact that the headshot multiplier is much higher (almost 1.0) and it will have better long range effectiveness due to changes to the Combat Shotgun via this same patch.

When this weapon is in your hands, you should be aggressive and that will make gameplay much better for Fortnite.

With now yet another variation of a shotgun to mess with, adding to what we already had in the base Tac Shotgun, the Drum Shotgun and the Combat Shotgun, it gives players more options to play with when indicating their play styles and how they enter fights.

The Tac Shotgun will gives players the opportunity to raise their elimination count by some margin if they use the weapon correctly and finding and using this weapon should be a priority.

Fortnite usually hits the nail on the head when adding new weapons and the new Tac Shotgun should create some balance in fights against Rifles and Sub Machine Guns and players who tend to rush in pretty quickly.

The Tac has always played well and with a new variation, players and the game should enjoy some positive effects heading into Season 10.