Fortnite: OCE Solo Tournament Week 3 effected by rendering bug


Despite it being the middle of a one million dollar tournament, players were greatly effected by a devastating bug that would not render some places.

Bugs have been around in the Fortnite for as long as anyone can remember. When a game first releases, fans expect some bugs, but typically those are ironed out fast that keep players happy with the game. However, with Epic Games, they have time and time again asked players to send them reports of game-breaking bugs that need to be fixed, but yet do not seem to fix them, what is going?

With a weekly one million dollar tournament going on, along with qualifiers for the Fortnite World Cup, the dev team is on high alert for bugs that will effect players during the qualification games.

For months now, there have been various bugs surrounding the Fortnite vehicles, some including hitting an object while on a hoverboard that launches you flying out of the map. The latest glitch that involves the game is a rendering bug that recently effected some of the Oceanic players during the first qualifying session of the Week 3 solos event. Check out the clips below.

As you can see, it is easy to understand how players can be angry. In an event where said player only gets 10 matches to play, in a limited amount of time (3 hours), that is not enough time to complete all 10 games as is, it is necessary to not die in the middle of a game due to not being killed by an enemy.

Do you think Epic is destroying their own game by worrying about adding weekly content, guns that are not asked for, and map changers over fixing optimization for late games, and bugs like this that can effect a player to not qualify for the World Cup? Let us know in the comments!