Streamers are becoming worried that Fortnite is dying


By far and away the biggest game of 2018, Fortnite took the gaming industry by surprise when it blew up as quick as it did. However, especially with the current state of the game, many content creators who have played since it’s initial explosion believe Fortnite is dying and the game has become quite stale. 

Yes, some of the recent updates have gotten a lot of backlash within the twitch streaming and competitive Fortnite community, including the addition of the X4 Stormwing airplane, the now vaulted Infinity blade, and the most recent addition of the boombox. However, even with complaints of top streamers, the statistics behind the game and overall viewership are quite astonishing.

According to, the average viewership for Fortnite has continued to rise since the game first came out and is actually at its highest point yet, averaging 182,355 viewers for the month of January thus far.

What’s also interesting to note is that the average number of channels streaming Fortnite are also at an all-time high, which suggests the game still has the same if not more actual players than it has ever had.

All in all, despite the community as a whole being seemingly frustrated with the current state of Fortnite, players just aren’t able to put the game down as it shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

The thought that Fortnite is dying is outright ridiculous as of right now, and the stats are there to back it up. While it is very possible that the game is being held up by the fact that all the biggest streamers are still playing it for hours and hours every day, it’s still apparent that people thoroughly enjoy and are addicted to the game, regardless of its current state.

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While it’s doing better than ever, all games do eventually experience a large decline in viewership and player count. How long do you think Fortnite has until people should really begin to be worried that the game is dying?

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