Fortnite: HighDistortion emotes his way to an incredible knock

Credit: Epic Games
Credit: Epic Games /

Fortnite streamer HighDistortion pulled out the Shaolin Sit-Up emote to surprise an opponent before landing a big shotgun hit.

Landing at Tilted Towers is unlike anything else in Fortnite: Battle Royale. It’s constant high-paced action from the moment you first touch the ground and begin looting. With the addition of dynamite, Boom Boxes, and planes, the chaos has been intensified.

Surviving at Tilted Towers requires luck, talent, and creativity. Jimmy “TSM HighDistortion” Moreno posted a clip of him showcasing some next-level creativity in one of the highest IQ plays you’ll see in an intense close range fit.

Playing duos with NickMercs–who famously chooses Tilted Towers as his go-to landing spot–HighDistortion had to fend off opponents while protecting his knocked teammate.  And it’s one of those plays that you have to see to believe.

HighDistortion was stuck between the new construction area and the apartment building, boxed in trying to revive his teammate. An enemy broke in through the top and HD popped him three times with the gray Tactical Shotgun and knocked him. He proceeded to drink a slurp and return to picking Nick up.

NickMercs called out that a player came up behind them and the enemy broke and replaced the wall before HD could stop him. The player edited a window, hoping to get a quick shotgun hit to land, but HighDistortion expected.

A small brain panics there. A big brain tries to break that wall or build a ramp as protection. HighDistortion’s galaxy brain opted to use the Shaolin Sit-Up emote to go under the window edit. He came back up and shotgunned the opponent for 107 damage, getting the knock in the process.

It was an incredibly exciting play that the average player wouldn’t even think of, let alone execute to perfection. Who says emotes can’t grant you a competitive advantage?