Fortnite: NEW Suppressed Sniper Rifle found in game files

Credit: Epic Games
Credit: Epic Games /

Fortnite might have a new sniper rifle coming to Battle Royale, a suppressed long-range weapon that could seriously disorient opponents.

Fortnite: Battle Royale is constantly adding and subtracting weapons and few things excite players than the idea of a new sniper rifle. According to a new leak found in the game files, there might be a new one on the way. A suppressed sniper rifle, with pictures and audio, was found.

Twitter user @lucas7yoshi_ is, seemingly, dedicated to unearthing Fortnite’s greatest secrets, including upcoming additions to the item shop and game. Lucas tweeted out the file name along with images of the new weapon.

A second user, @Slenderguy2005, compiled Lucas’ audio files together and created this comprehensive clip of what the sniper rifle could sound like if it ever entered the game.

Before we get too worked up over the prospect of a new long-range weapon, Lucas conceded, after the initial tweet of the file name, that he’s never done a weapons leak before so it might not be completely accurate. You can see that tweet here.

Fans noted that this weapon is the same as the “Frostbite” sniper in the Save the World game mode, but with a suppressor attached to it. For elite marksmen, having a sniper rifle that opponents will have difficulty locating via audio would be a game-changer for many.

Still, there’s no guarantee the weapon will make it into the game. As many online have observed, there have been presumed weapon leaks before for guns that just never made it to the battlefield.

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This Suppressed Sniper Rifle, however, would be a great contrast to the very loud and aggressive nature of the Heavy Sniper.

Stay tuned to see if the gun becomes available and, if it does, be prepared to have a lot of John Wicks ready to pick you off without making a sound.