Fortnite: Tfue expresses frustration with stream snipers on Twitter

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Fortnite stream snipers irk Tfue.

Imagine going to work and upon arrival, you encounter people whose entire goal is to make your life as difficult as possible. I don’t just mean having a tough job, but a scenario in which a handful of individuals serve one singular purpose: be a nuisance for the sake of attention. Well, that’s what many of the top streamers have to deal.

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, arguably the biggest Fortnite: Battle Royale streamer, has almost become a meme for his ongoing war against stream snipers, people who try to follow a gamer into a match to harass, taunt, or kill them while using the stream to their advantage. It doesn’t just happen to him. Despite his best efforts, Turner “Tfue” Tenney also attracts these people.

You can go to YouTube and type on “Tfue stream snipers” and find several instances of someone trying it on him and, in these cases, getting caught for doing it. But there are certainly many more, people who are smart enough to not announce on their own stream that they will be trying to rush Tfue or, at least, disguise it. Even with the streamer mode option and a delay, it’s going to happen.

Tfue took to Twitter to voice his frustrations with stream snipers:

The gamer is, of course, skilled enough to take on one or two trolls who just want to see their name come up on Tfue’s stream and wear their demise at his hands as some badge of honor. He’s one of the best and he can easily overpower the average gamer, even if he’s outnumbered. At some point, though, it can be too much.

If hordes of players all try to collapse on top of him, there isn’t much he can do. Besides the fact that a consistent and large contingent of stream snipers might make playing a less-than-enjoyable experience, it’s also important to remember that this is people’s livelihood.

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If Tfue–or any other streamer–can’t put out a great product due to high amounts of stream snipers converging on them, it can eventually have a long-term effect on their streams and income. So while it may seem harmless to poke fun at Ninja for constantly reporting opponents, their frustrations are valid and understandable.

The bottom line is just play your game; seeking an ounce of attention through stream sniping just isn’t worth it, for anyone involved.