Photo Credit: Fortnite/Epic Games
Photo Credit: Fortnite/Epic Games /

The possibilities are endless with planes and ziplines now in Fortnite Season 7 but FaZe Cizzorz shows us that there are still plenty of counters.

With the addition of planes and ziplines to Fortnite in Season 7, twitch streamers have been using them to full potential, hitting insane and creative trick shots. FaZe Cizzorz, a streamer who seemingly came out of nowhere with the release of Fortnite, has made a name for himself when it comes to hitting crazy shots, but this may have been his best yet.

If you were to guess all the ways someone could possibly get a kill on another player flying a plane sky high, you probably would never think of doing it like this.

Boosting an ATK hundreds of feet in the air, Cizzorz manages to fly it perfectly right over an enemy plane and hits him with a shotgun followed by an AK to finish him off as he sits on the back of his own soaring ATK.

Cizzorz hits shots similar to these on a regular basis, but this is honestly the most impressive one to date all things considered. He was able to predict the path of the enemy plane while boosting on an ATK straight into the sky, flying seemingly unnoticed right above it. From there, he switched from the driver’s seat to crouching on the back and hits headshots just as he starts to descend directly behind the plane.

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You can catch FaZe Cizzorz streaming Fornite nearly every day at Twitch.tv/Cizzorz as you’ll surely see some more insane shots, ridiculous gameplay, and of course…some Fortnite wins.

What’s the best clip you’ve seen that involved the new planes and/or zip lines that were added to Fornite in Season 7?

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