Fortnite Fans Break the Top 10 in Fandom 250 Rankings

Photo Credit: Fortnite/Epic Games
Photo Credit: Fortnite/Epic Games /

The Fandom 250 ranks fanbases across the world and Fortnite managed to break the top 10 overall, having the best fans in all of gaming.

As 2018 comes to a close, FanSided has developed an intensive list that ranks the top 250 fan bases across the nation, with Fortnite to no surprise, breaking the top 10. The list, appropriately named Fandom 250, is the ultimate ranking of fandoms, from sports to entertainment, and celebrities to brands.

The rankings considered every fanbase there is, and designated a score to each fanbase based on five metrics: Legacy, Fansmanship, passion, buzz, and magnitude.

With Fortnite absolutely blowing up this year and continuing to have impressive numbers all throughout, there’s no sign that the game will be leaving anytime soon, and I don’t think the fans will be either.

According to , Fortnite had 200 million registered users worldwide in November, nearly double from the still impressive 125 million registered users in June. This certainly backs up the fact that Fortnite has a humongous fan base, but how passionate are Fortnite Fans?

E3, a gaming convention that took place earlier this year, was nearly completely Fortnite themed, as the game took the world by storm. Many fans arrived cosplaying as various skins within the game, custom-making everything from the outfit to pickaxes and more. There was even slurp juice for sale, and Fortnite llamas hidden throughout the convention center.

Let’s be honest, whether you’re a parent, a kid, a grandma or grandpa, you’ve heard about Fortnite. Most games will tend to die down a little after a year of being on the market, but Fortnite has only been going up, and with the release of Season 7, we could be looking at new player-count records.

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The numbers speak for themselves, and Fortnite fans have earned their spot as having the number 1 fanbase in gaming, and the 8th best fanbase in the world!

Check out the full Fandom 250 rankings here.

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