NickMercs Representing Controller Nation: PC vs Console


Nick Mercs, one of the most prominent console Fortnite players, makes a case for the controller nation as he manages to clutch up and get the win.

Console vs PC has been an ongoing debate throughout the years as to how good you can be and what does the average skill level on each platform look like. NickMercs, the biggest console Fortnite streamer, has certainly been one of the biggest influences for closing that skill gap with Fortnite allowing for cross-platform play. The Winter Royale playlist was in full effect over the weekend, and you’ll have to see what NickMercs does to represent controller nation.

The Winter Royale is a limited time competitive game mode within Fortnite that allows the top players to really shine through not only placing well but racking up kills against some of the top players as they go.

As this event was a duos event, that means that Nick Mercs was playing cross-platform as his teammate plays on PC, ensuring PC players that console players are here to stay.

Making it into a top 5 situation with the zone closing in, these competitive matches often turn into a battle of who can turtle in their own 1×1 longer, as survival is the most important thing at this point in the game.

However, NickMercs threw that idea out the window and decided to be a maniac, barely building at all, while still managing to pick up the last 4 kills and getting a huge win.

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You can catch the action for yourself as Nick streams nearly every single day for upwards of 8 hours and sometimes more over at his Twitch:

Do you think there is a noticeable skill gap between console and pc players? Is it easier to build better and faster with a mouse and keyboard, or does the builder pro setting on controllers give the upper hand advantage over to the controller nation?

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