Fortnite Battle Royale: Season 5 Recap

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As everyone is looking forward to seeing what Fortnite Season 6 brings in terms of story and skins, Season 5 gave us a collision of worlds. And a big bouncy cube.

Season 4 gave us a lot. It had a movie with heroes and villains being filmed and the visitor broke out of the meteor, and tried to leave by rocket which left rifts behind.

Here’s the Season 5 announcement trailer again…

The rifts caused Drift, ATKs, a horse carriage, vikings and Easter Island heads to be transported into the world of Fortnite. Season 4’s rocket launch seemed to cause some kind of hole in the space-time continuum and wibbly wobbly space stuff.

However, the storyline this season hasn’t been entirely clear. It was made even murkier with the appearance of The Cube.

Perhaps something can be found within the loading screens that were rewarded as part of the battlepass.

The all feature Drift running around checking out the sights with Brite Bomber. There isn’t too much else to go on but since you can unlock different stages of Drift who seems to get more powerful, it suggests that he has some bigger purpose. Perhaps The Cube is a malicious presence (it did destroy the recently built shop in Tilted Towers) and Drift will save the world?

Although The Cube has since dissolved into Loot Lake, making it a lot easier to get across (hooray!)

Week 10’s loading screen features The Cube and Brite Bomber.

Brite Bomber is nervously touching The Cube and her reflection isn’t normal. Theorists on forums and messageboards are wondering if this means The Cube will unleash an evil version of Brite Bomber which ties in well with Carbide versus Omega in Season 4.

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Season 5 hasn’t left us many clues so perhaps there will be another in game event to look forward to. Epic is certainly good at keeping the suspense up and anything could happen in the next two days as we await the launch of Season 6.