Fornite Battle Royale: The Port-A-Fortress


Epic recently introduced the Port-A-Fortress to Fortnite Battle Royale which is a formidable new structure. The only thing missing from it is a moat.

The Port-A-Fortress was introduced into the game yesterday and it is frightening to see. It’s an upgrade of the Port-A-Fort which some people liked and others didn’t care too much for but the Fortress is an item worth carrying.

It works like the regular Port-A-Fort in that you throw it at the ground however there are a few differences apart from it just being bigger. Instead, the Fortress builds instantly so you don’t have to worry about it taking damage quickly and getting knocked down shortly after you build it.

The ramparts also provide decent defense with the bouncpads making it tough for enemies to build up and forcing them to build over. However, the bouncepads also provide you with an opportunity to launch forward taking the fight to the attackers if you really believe that the best defense is to attack.

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If you’re worried about it being too powerful, it is a legendary drop and should be able to be countered with a Grappler which is a more common drop than the Port-A-Fortress. Another downside to the Fortress is it’s sheer size which would make it tough to defend against in a solo game, plus it will attract a lot of attention.

Epic have included a few significant additions to the game which seem to lessen the focus on building, which is Fortnite’s feature separating it from other battle royale games. The Grappler is considered an easy way out of countering building, while the rifts provide a fast way out and quick movement which some players don’t like. These are certainly fun mechanics but perhaps this season has introduced too much too soon? With Season Six starting soon, it’ll be interesting to see what stays and what goes.

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