Fortnite Battle Royale: The Getaway LTM is here


Fortnite’s new event for Season 5 – High Stakes, has officially launched today with a new limited time mode called The Getaway. If you’re looking for an objective based squad game that is more than just being the last team standing, this is for you.

Most LTMs for Fortnite have been variations on the core gameplay, which is essentially just to survive until the end but the new Getaway LTM introduces a new theme – a heist.

In the Getaway, you play as a four man squad, with the aim of the game being to secure one of four jewels from a safe that has been air dropped on the edge of the first storm circle, and make your escape to the getaway van. To make it more challenging, only three vans will be available at the start and they’re in the sky so your team will have to build up and defend against other squads. Once you get to a van with a jewel and interact with it, you’ve gotten away. The Getaway only has rare, epic and legendary weapons with rifts and launchpads removed. More jewels appear if they’ve already been caught or if they get lost in the storm.

Check out the launch video below from Epic.

The Getaway LTM also comes with its own set of special challenges which are as follows…

  • Play 10 matches of The Getaway (5,000 xp)
  • Deal damage to Jewel carrying opponents (unlocks Suited Up Spray)
  • Pick up a Jewel in different matches of The Getaway (unlocks Cash Flow Contrail)

After all three challenges are completed, you unlock a Crowbar Pickaxe.

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In terms of skins or outfits, today’s item shop features the Wild Card outfit who comes with four different styles which are different card suits on the face mask and a cuff case for back bling. There is also a new glider, the Safecracker which is part of the set.

So if you’re looking for something more than building and shooting, gather your squad, steal the jewels and make your escape.