The Road Trip skin in Fortnite Battle Royale is now out and it’s awesome


Today, Epic Games released the seventh week of Battle Pass challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale, meaning the exclusive Road Trip skin is now available to the hardcore gamers who have finished their challenges. Here is a closer look at the Enforcer.

The wait is finally over. The Enforcer skin is now able to be unlocked by all the dedicated players who have worked hard to get each week of the Battle Pass challenges done for seven weeks.

The new skin is a very cool looking ninja/Destiny character if you look closely at the facial features. But, compared to last season’s ‘The Visitor’ I have to say the Road Trip challenges were well worth it to unlock this guy.

It has that similar powerful brooding look like the Visitor, but the dark hood and cape with glowing white eyes make it look even cooler looking. I really like the way the developers are coming up with these skins to create a storyline deep in the background to try and make players more enthralled with the revolutionary game.

Knowing that millions of player will be gunning for the exclusive skin to show off the hours they put into the game, Epic has made the challenges for the decisive week a little tougher than usual.

From week six, completing the five time trials scattered across the map is so inconvenient it is hard to get around to doing it. Most of the challenges introduced have to do with finding a hidden star or killing people in a certain location.

This one is meant to be done when there is no one around and you have plenty of time. It took me at least two or three runs to get most of the trials as you have to first build and find the proper path before completing the course.

Another difficult challenge added to make getting Enforcer just a little more difficult is the 8,000 damage to opponent structures with the remote explosives.

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Why does it have to be just the remote explosives? Why can’t it be any kind of explosive? While this is a manageable challenge if you can get into a 50 vs. 50 game and find the C4 right away, it seems overly specific and odd.

I wrote that the challenges a few weeks back were starting to get far too easy, so, to see the creative minds behind the Battle Royale to be changing things up and making things more difficult is nice.

However, this wasn’t what I was looking for. I like the addition of searching at least one chest in five separate named locations as it will not only take longer to achieve, but will limit the congestion from every player dropping into one city to find seven chests.

If you are behind on getting those challenges done, you might want to hurry. We are less than a month away from the end of season six and you are going to want to have the Road Trip skin at your disposal. It’s awesome.

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