Fortnite Battle Royale: Why you should drop Wailing Woods

Photo Credit: Fortnite/Epic Games Image Acquired from Games Press
Photo Credit: Fortnite/Epic Games Image Acquired from Games Press /

Welcome to a new series here on Forever Fortnite where we will be taking a closer look at each named location in Battle Royale and explaining why you should land there. Today, we’re dropping at Wailing Woods.

A friend of mine who swears by Wailing Woods says that dropping in Wailing will guarantee a top five finish no matter what. It’s actually a pretty accurate statement, unfortunately the reason behind it is that you spend so much time gathering materials that by the time you leave the Woods, there are hardly any people left.

Wailing is a prime location to drop if you’re all about materials and building. If you don’t leave the area with 999 wood, you’re doing something wrong. The problem with Wailing is the lack of loot.

Why it is good to drop Wailing Woods

Wood. So much of it. Build-first players can gather maximum wood in little time without giving away their location due to the thick forested area surrounding the maze at Wailing. This is a huge plus for the area.

There are enough mushrooms in Wailing Woods to just about fully shield a squad, which is also a huge bonus. In solo and duo matches, Wailing is great, as there is enough loot for a single or duo landing there.

Wailing provides great cover as well, which makes it hard for opponents to push until you leave the area.

Why it is bad to drop Wailing Woods

Wailing is seriously lacking in the loot department. Aside from the four or five chests in the maze, there are a few scattered chest spawns throughout the Woods. They take time to access and the loot inside them isn’t ever really spectacular.

Because of the advantages of materials and shield mushrooms, the balance at Wailing is that you’ll be leaving with grey weapons. This is especially true if you are landing with a squad.

In squad matches, you and your team will be spread out throughout the Woods while looting and collecting materials. If another squad comes in from Risky Reels or Lonely Lodge while you are still individually collecting, good luck.

Wailing is also relatively alone on the map. Coming out of the area to get to the storm circle does not provide great areas for additional looting (which you’ll likely need to do).

Where are the chest spawns?

There are several chest spawns in the middle maze and several more scattered throughout the Woods. It takes some time to clear the area. There is also usually a chest at the brick fox East of the Woods.

Here is a map of the chest spawns at Wailing Woods.

Overall grade for Wailing Woods

Wailing Woods is a great landing spot for skilled players looking to hop into the action when there are about 25 players left. Builders should love the area, especially if they want to load up on materials and stock shield potions for later (so many mushrooms).

The problem with Wailing Woods is definitely the loot. In squad games, it’s hard to outfit two players without the others having to run with common weapons until the next area is cleared.

While this is a great solo and duo drop location, that isn’t enough to bump it into the upper echelon of drops. Wailing Woods is good, but not great.

Grade: C+

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