Fortnite Battle Royale: Why you should drop Junk Junction

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Welcome to a new series here on Forever Fortnite where we will be taking a closer look at each named location in Battle Royale and explaining why you should land there. Today, we’re dropping at Junk Junction.

Junk Junction is one of the more underrated drop-in locations on the Fortnite map. It sits in the far Northwest corner of the map, often a long glide away from the path of the battle bus.

Because of this, it’s easily overlooked, but the location itself is primed full of good loot, materials and other benefits that make it a great place to drop in for solo, duo or squad matches.

Why it is good to drop Junk Junction

As covered in the introduction. Junk Junction is stacked with loot. There are a bunch of chests located throughout the relatively small, open area, as well as the added benefit of the giant Llama to the North and the relocated “Yonder Yard” buildings to the Northeast. These provide more loot for squad matches.

Junk is about as far from the center of the map as possible so there is a great chance that you will have it to yourself for any given match. Most players drop short into Haunted Hills or Pleasant Park instead of patiently making the full glide to Junk.

Enjoy a peaceful looting session before the long haul back to wherever the storm circle is. Speaking of which…

Why it is bad to drop Junk Junction

The storm circle is almost always a million miles away from Junk Junction. While the storm occasionally forms in the area or around Pleasant Park, it’s pretty rare that players can land at Junk and not have to carry a slot or two of meds in the loadout.

With the addition of rifts and ATKs to the game, an area like Junk Junction is far more manageable. There is sometimes an ATK spawn at Junk, and if not, there are rifts to the East of the area, near the Easter Island head.

While Junk is full of steel, the harvest from the crushed cars is nowhere near its value in time spent collecting it. And time is valuable when you have to move great lengths from the storm.

Where do the chests spawn?

For the most part, the chests at Junk Junction are out in the open. Each corner of the lot has chest spawns on top of, or tucked into the stacks of metal. Be sure not to break the stacks with builds while ramping up to them.

There are usually two or three chests in the main building as well, with an additional chest often showing up outside underneath the giant orange crusher. On top of this, the aforementioned Llama and “mini-junk” areas have chest spawns as well.

Here is a map of all of the chest spawns at Junk Junction.

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Overall grade for Junk Junction

While the distance can be annoying, having rifts and ATKs in the area makes the trek back to the storm circle manageable. Junk Junction is an underrated drop location.

When travelling in from the storm, players have the added benefit of hitting two nearby neighbors in either Pleasant Park or Haunted Hills (which is occasionally left untouched depending on the battle bus route). Overall, this is one of the better small drop spots in Fortnite.

Grade: B

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