Fortnite Battle Royale: Collectible figurines coming via McFarlane Toys


Epic Games continues to increase their stock during a summer in which they have dominated the gaming scene. As if taking our money for Fortnite: Battle Royale cosmetics wasn’t enough.

Do you have a favorite Fortnite: Battle Royale skin? Mine just so happens to be the infamous Wukong. A legendary skin with a price of two thousand v-bucks that was recently brought back to the store.

This season, the Battle Pass skins have been sorta “meh.” Aside from the Viking-themed and level-based skins, nothing has really held my attention. Which is fine because you can’t please everyone, even if Epic Games has practically handed us the world.

Either way, I’ve spent entirely too much money on this game. This is not necessarily a bad thing but I’ve had to fight myself. Gliders, emotes, skins, harvesters; all responsible for my debit card and or PayPal account taking a massive hit.

But hey, guess what? According to McFarlane Toys’ website, Epic Games and the legendary toy company have officially partnered for collectible figurines. Yes, that is correct. We will be shoveling money toward another Fortnite product.

If you’re unfamiliar with McFarlane Toys, then shame on you. Todd McFarlane as partnered up with a handful of other brands including other video game companies, World Wrestling Entertainment and the National Football League, to name a few off the top of my head.

Most importantly, McFarlane is the mind behind the one-and-only Spawn. A bad-ass, hell-sent character that has had his share of comic books, a television show, figures and statues, and even a movie starring Michael Jai White in 1997.

Spawn is also set for a reboot. The film has recently signed Jamie Foxx (cast as Spawn) and Jeremy Renner (Avengers’ Hawkeye, playing Twitch) as McFarlane prepares to bring his creation back to life — for the second time. Hopefully, Todd’s reboot does not bomb.

When it comes to collectible figures, I wouldn’t expect anything too crazy right off the bat. They’ll more than likely start small with toys and collectibles, eventually working their way up to statues that in the past have gone for $500 plus.

Again, do your research if you’re not familiar with figure or statue collecting. There are thousands of beautifully designed statues for nearly every entertainment figure you could think of.

Now, the Valentine’s Bear has been teased in the announcement itself, so what other skin would you like to see have its own figurine?

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