The third Fortnite Twitch Prime pack has just been leaked


The leaks are starting to pour in and they have some validity to them. Announced earlier today, the third Twitch Prime pack for Fortnite Battle Royale will be coming some time in August. Here is what we know so far.

For the last two seasons of Fortnite, Amazon Prime and Twitch Prime members have received free exclusive skins, dances, pickaxes, and back bling. That trend is about to continue into season five as it was leaked early this morning by Twitter user Fortise(n) what the third member only pack would look like.

According to the leaker and Dexerto, the new Twitch Prime pack will feature a new emote, a cool skin, a glider, and back bling. So, if you don’t have Amazon Prime or haven’t linked it to your Twitch account yet, you might want to before this pack is officially released.

There is no concrete information on the release but many believe that it will come out some time in August following the pattern from seasons three and four. The pack was released just over a month after the new season started so the assumption has some support behind it.

In season four, we received the Trailblazer outfit, the Tenderizer pickaxe, the True Noth Back Bling, and the Freestyle dance.

Coming in season five is the Archetype skin and the Servo glider along with matching pickaxe and back bling items. As to whether an emote will be included in the pack remains unknown, but my guess would be that there won’t be because as we have seen in the last two, there were only four items included.

Go check out pictures of all the items here. The files for all these items were found through the typical data mining efforts of some users upon the release of patch v5.1 last week.

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These leaks have proved to be right nearly everytime and I expect the exact same thing this time around. I think this might be the coolest skin yet to be given to gamers for free and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

If there is more information released, we will be sure to get it out as soon as possible.

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