Fortnite Battle Royale: Ninja’s Fortnite stats are absurd

Credit: PC Gamer, Twitter
Credit: PC Gamer, Twitter /

Ninja is Fortnite’s most popular streamer. As the game grows, so does his celebrity status. After seeing his stats, we know why.

Whether you think he is the best player or not, Ninja is far and away the most famous Fortnite streamer on Earth. His name has become synonymous with the game and he’s now a mainstream celebrity.

To think that this level of fame came from being the best at a video game that came out a year ago is insane, but that’s more or less how it happened. Ninja was at the ESPY’s a few weeks ago, rubbing shoulders with the biggest celebrities in sports as an equal.

When he tweeted out his stats after reaching 30,000 eliminations on Sunday, it was easy to see why this streamer has become a household name.

30,007 eliminations in 3,877 matches. The math works out to just under eight kills per match in solo mode. PER MATCH. I’ve gone entire games without seeing eight other players on the map. This guy plays aggressive.

The other ridiculous stat here is obviously the amount of wins. 1,378 wins in 3,877 matches works out to Ninja winning just over 1/3 of his solo matches. Regardless of who is coming up or who is getting better, Ninja has solidified himself as Fortnite‘s Michael Jordan.

There is a silver lining for us casual gamers here. The more his star rises, the more time he’s caught up with media, award shows and high profile birthday parties, giving the rest of us a chance to catch up.

Jokes aside, congratulations to Ninja on 30,000 eliminations. That is a truly amazing feat. When you do things like this, it isn’t hard to see how he got there.

When it comes to Fortnite and to fame, Ninja is not showing any signs of slowing down. As the game evolves, so does his brilliance. Here’s to hoping we get to see many more years of innovative play and ridiculous eliminations like this one.

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