Could the old main menu music be coming back to Fortnite?


If you remember the early days of Fortnite Battle Royale, you definitely remember the iconic main menu music which captured the hearts of so many that played the game in the early days. Could that same music be making a comeback soon?

Hearing this song during the broadcast of the third week of the Summer Skirmish nearly brought tears to my eyes. When I heard the methodical loading screen music from the game, it transported me back nearly a year ago to the first time I played the BR.

Fortnite is the first and only Battle Royale game I have ever played. This music, along with the colorful landscape, player base, and comical nature of it all sucked me in and I have been addicted to the incredible video game ever since.

At the end of Saturday’s broadcast of the Summer Skirmish, streamed on Twitch on the official Fortnite page, a remix of the original song was played, leading many fans to believe that the iconic track could be making its way back into the game sometime soon.

Posted on Reddit after the fact, here is what was played.

As you can see from the chat on the right side of the screen, the reaction was all positive. It is very similar to the original track, but the remix is almost better I think. Compare it yourself. Here is the original song.

The current menu music is average at best but it isn’t special like this song. To me, the current music sounds like the Overwatch music and I don’t think it is all that great. Please Epic Games, make the switch back.

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Everyone would love to see it and there is simply no reason to change every single thing in the game. The music can stay, the other aspects of the game can change.

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