Solo Showdown returns to Fortnite Battle Royale


The closest most casual Fortnite Battle Royale players will get to a competitive game mode is Solo Showdown. The limited time competition style solo mode is back and better than ever with a revamped scoring system and bigger, better rewards.

Six points for every elimination earned, 100 points for every Victory Royale, and just 25 matches to prove that you are one of the best solo Fortnite players in your region. With the grand prize of 50,000 vBucks on the line for each of the five regions – NA, EU, Oceania, BR, and Asia – millions of upon millions of players will try to make the top 100 in their respective region to earn rewards.

After seeing considerable success and solid feedback when it was first announced a couple months ago, the developers at Epic Games have decided to bring the incredibly fun mode back to the game for just a few days (July 27th – July 30th).

Players will do their best to earn as many points per game mainly through survival. When the point structure is broken down as it is here, the best option for players is not seeking out kills, but staying alive to earn the biggest prize of them all, 100 points for a game.

As is usually the case with a mode like this, players will build heavily and try to avoid combat as long as physically possible.

Although I will be playing the mode at least some, I would much rather see a duo showdown where a team of two tries their best to finish with the most kills and victories. I think the team aspect would make it more fun and there would be far less camping.

Yes, this is a great idea for the players to have a competitive experience, but I think the point aspect is a bit askew. Kills should be prioritized. I said this when recapping the first Summer Skirmish a couple weeks back and still stand strongly behind my opinion.

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While watching players build at jaw-dropping speeds is amazing, viewers want to see 20-kill games, build offs, crazy snipes, etc.

Maybe we will see some new changes next month or the month after, but for now, go enjoy Solo Showdown!

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