The five best Fortnite Battle Royale Reddit posts – week one /

Starting this week, we here at Forever Fortnite will be combing through the most popular and most interesting posts to the Reddit page. Without further delay, let’s jump right in.

Poor, poor mobile players

There is probably nothing more disrespectful then shooting players with the default skins out of the sky to win games. What’s worse you might ask? Putting a bounce pad under them, and yelling ‘Pull!’ as you shoot them out of the air with a hunting rifle.

This is just a nasty 30-second clip posted by The Frohn. Check it out!

Glitch turns into a panoramic picture

I don’t know if it’s because I play on Fortnite primarily on the Xbox One or if the replay system in the game just hasn’t been worked out properly because when I try to go back and watch a clip, it doesn’t work very well.

Recently, the drone free camera has been flying around freely, and rather annoyingly, has been glitching out a lot. However, one lucky player was able to get a beautiful view of the entire Island when the drone flew all the way to the highest render point.

This looks like a majestic painting. Anyway I can get this framed and put on the wall in my room?

When you can’t figure out how to kill someone, you just give up

FaZe Tfue is one of the biggest Fortnite streamers and one of the best players in the game at the moment. His building speed and gun skill are simply unmatched.

In fact, his stair build in this one fight was so impressive that the player he was going up against just gave up when he realized he couldn’t get to him. Never surrender ladies and gentleman.

Unless of course, you are going up against this. Poor, poor man

Jet skis to get across Loot Lake is a great idea

For some odd reason, the water in Battle Royale is not like real life water. Instead, it is like sludge. Right now, we have an ATK and a shopping cart which can move you quickly across land, but there is no way to get across large bodies of water.

While there may only be one large area of water, it would be nice to have jet skis to get across Loot Lake faster. There’s a dock there so why not put in some watercraft?

Must Read. Fortnite Battle Royale: The guided missile is returning to Fortnite. light

How about adding custom reticles to the game?

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, players have the ability to customize their reticle to the size, style, and color of their choice. This adds another layer of customization to the game which already features skins for every gun and even a market for buying them.

Fortnite could really use the same kind of thing. This mock-up from Reddit is a very good idea and lets the player choose the color of the reticle and the design of each reticle depending on gun type. This is a brilliant idea and one I would love to see implemented.

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