Fortnite Battle Royale: Fortnite mobile is finally coming to Android (but there’s a catch)


Android phone users only have to wait a little while longer to be able to play Fortnite on their phones, even less so if you plan on ordering the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Here are the details on the upcoming mobile version of Fortnite for Android.

Samsung has partnered with Epic Games to release Fortnite on Android via Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 9, set to release in August. The partnership will mark the first time Fortnite mobile will be available in the Google Play store.

Through this promotion, Samsung will hold exclusivity to the mobile version of the game for a month, at which time it will release to the general android public. For Android users, it’s about time. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is set to release on August 24th.

Rumor has it that signing up for a presale of the phone will also get you a bonus $100-$150 worth of v-bucks to spend in the mobile version of the game. A drop in the bucket, considering the phone itself is set to cost north of $1000.

Some are excited about finally being able to play Fortnite on their Android phones, while others are annoyed. Not only has it taken this long, but the exclusive release on the Galaxy Note 9 comes off gimmicky.

iPhone users have been enjoying the mobile version of the game for some time now. Fortnite mobile was released in the app store on March 15th. As usual, many Apple users are taking this opportunity to take shots at Android phone owners.

It’s about time this happens. Android was the last platform to not have the popular battle royale game and now we know why. While the mobile version isn’t quite as fun as playing on the computer or console, it’s still a great time-killer.

The end is near, Android users. Mark your calendars on-or-around September 23rd. Hopefully the initial release goes as planned and nothing sets back the general release afterward.

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