Fortnite Battle Royale: The guided missile is returning to Fortnite

Credit: Epic Games
Credit: Epic Games /

The guided missile is probably the most controversial weapon in Fortnite history. Epic Games has announced it’s return, but it will be heavily nerfed in the process. The new guided missile will be more of a scouting weapon than anything else.

The original rendition of the guided missile was devastating. A Fortnite weapon that you could aim right up until impact. It shelled out massive damage, similar to that of the RPG and was a key factor in deciding many victory royales.

The guided missile was even more dangerous in squad games, where two or three members could protect the person using this weapon as they scouted the map and took out anyone they found in the open.

The weapon drew the ire of many fans and upon hearing about its return, my initial thought was the same as theirs. “What the hell are they doing?”

Epic Games is better than anyone at learning from mistakes. They listen to the fan base and alter/improve the game any time the vast majority of players are complaining about something. The guided missile is no different.

This version of the once-deadly weapon returns as more of a scouting tool than anything else. Here are the specs listed by Epic for version 2.0 of the missile:

Reduced movement speed, reduced turning radius, reduced damage and damage radius. As mention in the video, this returning weapon is going to be used more as a guiding tool to scope out opponent bases.

In this case, I believe the return of the guided missile can be a good thing. Having the ability to scout the end of matches without having the overpowered bruising effect of the old missiles to go with it isn’t a bad thing. Plus, if you are opposing one of these missiles, it also means that the other player is vulnerable.

Let’s hope the changes are truly as balanced as they should be. It will be interesting to see how often and how well the new guided missiles can be used.

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