Fortntite Remote Explosives receive much needed nerf

Credit: Epic Games
Credit: Epic Games /

After shortly disabling the Remote Explosive upon the release of Patch v5.10, the creators of Fortnite Battle Royale realized that changes needed to be made to the incredibly powerful explosive. Now, there will be less rage associated with the item. Here’s why!

My hope is with these new changes made to the Remote Explosives, a.k.a. C4, players will no longer lob the charges at you and your base and completely demolish structures or builds. Now, while I understand that these devices should deal serious damage and damage the areas around the player, they shouldn’t be decimating areas like they were.

Before the release of the patch, it was impossible to out build the C4’s thrown by an opponent because the blast radius of the device was 600 units. What was frustrating about this previous number was that players could not be hit by the explosive if they were between 400 and 600 units away from it.

Yet, the builds they were in and the area around them would be destroyed. Thankfully, an Epic Games employee who goes by the name ‘EpicRook’ on Reddit identified that the company was in the process of figuring out a way to make the Remote Explosives weaker to some extent.

So, what are the changes we as players will see now?

First off, the damage area for player damage has increased – which makes sense – and the damage area to structures has been reduced. Now, the two are equal at 520 units.

I have found it so frustrating trying to deal with players throwing C4 and shooting SMG’s at the same time. It is simply impossible to out build everything coming at you, but, it should be more manageable now.

Another complaint the Fortnite community has had and that Epic has made mention of in their coming changes is the rarity of the item and how many explosives can hold at any given time. Right now, the C4 comes in stacks of four and players can hold as many as 10.

Personally, I feel like the Remote Explosives should be like the Stink Grenades. They come in stacks of three and players can only hold five at a time. What’s funny is that the Stink Grenade is far less powerful than the explosive charge, yet, you can hold half as many of them in one stack.

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Dealing with submachine guns from every player, rocket launchers, and grenade launchers are getting to be overwelling at this point. Grenades alone and sticky grenades are not overpowered and are perfectly balanced, however, the Battle Royale mode seemingly doesn’t have a place or a proper damage rate for the C4.

I really, really hope that soon Epic Game can find the proper balance for this item and I won’t be in a house that is suddenly demolished at the click of a button.

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