Fortnite Battle Royale: Playing 50 v 50 as a medic is a fun way to mix it up

Credit: Epic Games
Credit: Epic Games /

A Fortnite player discovered a fun new way to play the 50v50 game mode. Help out your squad as a medic and fight for more than just a victory royale.

Yes, someone actually decided they would be a 50v50 team medic and it actually looks like a lot of fun! Armed with shield potions, med kits, bandages, and slurp juice, the medic’s job is to keep as many teammates alive on the road to victory royale.

With the addition of the ATK to the game, this is actually now a fun way to play this game mode. Grab an ATK and load up on meds. When you see a downed teammate, swoop in, build a quick shelter and save the day.

This is a far cry from what usually happens when you get knocked in 50v50, which is a teammate building around you and waiting until you die to take your stuff. The medic is in it to win it. No selfishness here!

Credit to Sushii Films on Reddit for putting this together. If the idea itself doesn’t make you want to try this out, the video certainly will. 

Reviving teammates and providing medical services is only half the battle. Armed with the ATK, the medic can also save teammates from the storm. Quick trips to pick up team members who aren’t going to make it will bolster your team in the final fight.

The medic game is best played with a partner or a squad. With a partner, one can heal and revive teammates while the other provides cover or cover fire against opponents. In squad format, you can have a driver, a medic and two gunmen.

50v50 seems to be Fortnite’s go-to LTM and there is no sight of them getting rid of it for any long-term period. Try a match or two as a medic and help your squad grab a couple wins. If nothing else, you’ll have a blast ripping around in an ATK the whole time.

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