Fortnite Battle Royale: Battle pass challenges – season 5, week 2

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Credit: Epic Games /

The second week of battle pass challenges bring us some we’ve seen before and some that are unique to season 5. Here’s how to get them all done.

This week’s battle pass challenges are actually kind of fun. Aside from fighting over chests at Loot Lake, there isn’t anything too difficult on the agenda for week 2.

Epic Games has also included a challenge that involves the newly acquired ability to shoot hoops at the basketball courts, which was a fun season 5 addition. Here are the week 2 challenges and how to complete them.

Free challenges

Deal damage with assault rifles to opponents (0/1000)

This challenge is one of the all-time easiest challenges that Epic has provided for us. Most players carry at least one assault rifle and they shell out damage pretty quickly and efficiently. You’ll likely complete this challenge without even thinking about it so don’t stress on this one.

Search 7 ammo boxes in a single match (0/7)

This is a rehashed challenge from season 4 but it might as well be a freebie. If you are looking to finish it quickly, land at an area with a few houses like Snobby Shores and you should have it done by the time you are through two or three of them.

The southernmost house at Snobby Shores (with the secret basement) has bout five or six ammo boxes on it’s own, so start there. If not, you can also get this solely by paying attention to your surroundings throughout a match.

Eliminate opponents in Paradise Palms (0/3)

Head on down to what is currently the hottest drop zone in Fortnite and get in on some of the action. Paradise Palms is brand new and is currently playing like a second Tilted Towers, which is good for you in completing this challenge.

Land at the first weapon you can spot that isn’t completely crowded and take out the first three opponents you see. This might take a few tries, but if you time the landing right you should have no problem finding defenseless opponents frantically looking for weapons.

Battle pass challenges

Score a basket on different hoops (0/5)

Here’s the fun one. Epic Games has provided the ability to shoot the basketballs instead of just kicking them around. Here is a map of all the basketball hoops in the game

Search chests in Loot Lake (0/7)

This week’s challenge from hell not only forces you to land at Loot Lake, but to open chests there. The factories are probably your best bet as most players will be headed to the main house. If you want to knock off chests one at a time, pick a boat or island and hope to God that you are the first one there.

I’ll be leaving this one until the end of the week. Can’t stand Loot Lake to begin with, let alone when it’s overcrowded.

Search between an oasis, a rock archway and dinosaurs (0/1)

If you’ve played earlier than two weeks ago then you know that the oasis, rock archway and dinosaur are all part of the newly added badlands that took over Moisty Mire. Here is the location of the battle star:

Sniper rifle eliminations (0/2)

This challenge is tricky if you are bad at using the sniper rifle. If you are, try to complete this challenge with a hunting rifle, which takes away the ability to efficiently use the scope. It’ll save you some frustration. Aim for the head.

Overall, these challenges shouldn’t take you longer than a week. If you’re like me, you’re short your llama challenge from last week so you can get back to focusing on that annoying task in a couple of days.

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