Fortnite Battle Royale: Here’s how to use the new rifts and why they are great


Day One of Fortnite Battle Royale Season Five is underway and players are rushing to figure how to use all the new items added in the newest update. One of the most notable additions is the rifts that spawn on the map. Here is how to use them and why they are a fantastic new map item.

One of the worst feelings when playing this game is getting stuck in the storm and not being able to launchpad or jump pad to safety. But, the new rifts can help save you from these sticky situations.

The new rifts which spawn in set locations across the map act as a type of teleporter that sends high in the air. To put it simply, it’s like an extreme teleporter since you can’t build up to the top of the world. In fact, the rifts might be more helpful than a launchpad; the only problem is actually finding them.

Here is a quick example of what the rift does, however, going through them in the new golf cart (All Terrain Kart) is not recommended.

Plus, using the rift with a duo partner or a squad causes the fracture to disappear after just a few seconds. Some players assumed that when it said ‘teleport’ in the patch notes, it meant that the player would appear somewhere else entirely on the map.

Thankfully, that is not the case. That would be unfair in my opinion and could cause a lot of frustration in the community if it was the case. Instead, you reappear in the sky above where the rift was and can use your glider to fly a great distance.

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I am very impressed by yet another revolutionary addition to the game by the developers and as we as players have seen at the start of each season, the new update introduces new items to keep the game feeling fresh while staying true to the core game that was introduced almost a year ago.

If you haven’t downloaded the update or were thinking about waiting to play the new season, don’t. There are no delays when loading in or finding a match in any game mode. So get out there and experience all the rifts in Fortnite Battle Royale right now!

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