Fortnite Battle Royale: The week 9 battle pass challenges are giving you a break

Credit: Epic Games
Credit: Epic Games /

Battle pass week 9 is upon us and the challenges this week are pretty easy. Here’s how you can get these cleaned up and get as many battle stars as you can before the last week of the season.

We’re two weeks away from season 5 and these battle pass stars are growing more and more important to anyone who hasn’t reached level 100 yet. You’re going to want to get the Omega skin for future use to make sure you clean up all of your old challenges ASAP.

This week’s challenges shouldn’t take you more than a day or two to complete. Epic Games is giving us a bit of an easier week in terms of challenges, adding in a freebie in “use a shopping cart” and what might as well be a freebie in “shotgun eliminations.”

Here are the battle pass challenges for week 9:

Deal damage with explosive weapons to opponents (0/500) – Hang on to your grenades, stickies and c4 this week and don’t be afraid to launch them into busier areas, Call of Duty style. Rocket and grenade launchers are definitely valuable this week, as they will guarantee you knock this challenge out in good time. See challenge number three for a fun alternative way to get this done.

Search chests in Moisty Mire (0/7) – Moisty Mire is going to see some traffic this week. “New” and “old” Moisty both have a lot of chest spawns, even if they can be annoying to travel to. Your best bet here may be to pick either the large tree (three possible spawns) or the treehouse (two possible spawns) in “old” Moisty and work from there.

Even if this takes a couple tries, Moisty has a diverse enough landscape to keep you alive longer than a place like Risky Reels, so this challenge shouldn’t be too hard.

Use a shopping cart (0/1) – This will be a very simple challenge to complete so long as they don’t take the carts out of the damn game again! You can actually get both this and the first challenge done at the same time with this little trick:

Visit the center of named locations in a single match (0/4) – This is similar to the challenge a few weeks back that had us visiting three storm centers in a match, however this week’s version is way easier.

Choose an area near the outskirts of the map that is close to another area and as you work your way in, knock out this one. For example, Risky Reels is small and easy to find the center of. From there, you can hit Wailing Woods, Lonely Lodge, Tomato Town and Retail row pretty easily depending on which direction you travel.

The same can be said for Junk Junction/Haunted Hills/Pleasant Park, however those areas will be a little busier this week due to the treasure map challenge.

Follow the treasure map found in Haunted Hills (HARD) (0/1) – This challenge was swapped out from the challenges that leaked yesterday. Perhaps Epic Games is trolling dataminers that leak these challenges, or perhaps they just want to keep a few challenges for next week. Either way, here is your weekly free battle pass star:

Shotgun eliminations (HARD) (0/4) – Not actually hard. Even though the shotguns have been nerfed, you should still be able to knock this one out with ease. Shotgun eliminations come about as naturally as AR eliminations in that you’ll likely accumulate these without actively trying. Be ready to yell at your television at least once when a close-range pump shot only does nine damage.

Eliminate opponents in Anarchy Acres (HARD) (0/3) – Head up to the lesser version of Fatal Fields this week for some open-field shootouts! If you are a conservative player, choose a small shed on the outskirts of Anarchy and pop shots from the outside. If you like playing aggressive, head right in for the house or one of the large barns and get to work.

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Overall, this week’s battle pass challenges are not very difficult. Props to Epic for giving us a down week near the end of the season. Get a few games in this weekend and you should have all of these done before the week begins.

A quick note to anyone who is an impulsive shopper like me: No matter how awesome the item shop looks this week, keep in mind that you’ll be purchasing battle pass season 5 in just under two weeks from now. Save those V-bucks!

Good luck!

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