Fortnite Battle Royale: The television sets are broadcasting warnings again!

Credit: Bruin Belisle/Epic Games
Credit: Bruin Belisle/Epic Games /

All of the television sets in Fortnite Battle Royale are broadcasting images again. It’s officially time to begin speculating about the season 5 theme.

Anyone who’s played Fortnite recently has noticed the giant nuclear warhead poking out of the evil lair on the hill above Snobby Shores. The giant purple missile looks primed and ready to fire at any minute.

We’ve also seen underground bunkers in various locations, as well as what might be a nuclear shelter in Wailing Woods that appeared mysteriously at the beginning of season 4, but we can’t seem to access.

All of these Easter eggs and hints are leading to a clash between good and evil, hero and villain, or Carbide and Omega. We’re at the point now where we start speculating what will happen based on the new clues that are popping up, much like the ones we saw last season in relation to the comet.

As you can see. The picture on the tv set resembles Omega’s evil lair. There is also a hologram image of the warhead being displayed in the base, prompting panic and speculation as to what part of the map is getting the Dusty Divot treatment this time around (my money is on Wailing Woods as it is next door to Carbide’s bat-cave).

Players on the newly launched Nintendo Switch version of the game are witnessing a more specific television broadcast with a countdown to the apparent end of the world (unless Carbide can save us all).

While the countdown provides players with a slightly more accurate timeline than the decoded vibrations last season, there is still much to be discovered in the next three weeks. There is no doubt we’ll start seeing more and more in the coming days, perhaps something linking the hero vs. villain storyline to this giant footprint near Greasy Grove.

Regardless of what comes next, we’re all-aboard the hype train for battle pass season 5. Be sure to clean up all of your season 4 challenges before the new season comes.

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The developers at Epic Games are up to something and we can’t wait for the next few weeks of hints and clues before Season 5 kicks off. If you have any theories about what will happen over the next three weeks or leading in to battle pass season 5, hit us on Twitter or Facebook to discuss your thoughts! 

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