Fortnite Battle Royale: The new PlayStation exclusive skin is awesome


Tuesday ahead of the Fortnite Pro-Am tournament, PlayStation received their second console exclusive skin. The Blue Striker is yet another incredible skin Epic Games has added into the Battle Royale we have all come to love so much.

The only thing better than free Fortnite skins is free food or getting paid for doing nothing. When Epic offers free content, I snatch it up as fast as I can. Other than the backpack that was offered at the beginning of the season – or maybe the end of last season – there hasn’t been a ton of free skins, gliders, or pickaxe.

The release of the Blue Striker skin and back bling that goes along with are very cool, but simple. The release of this skin did not come as a surprise as it was leaked with the release of patch v4.4 and corresponds to the release of the second Starter Pack the developers have offered.

This skin is available in the PlayStation Store and is only available to PS Plus Members.

Fortnite is calling it the “PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack 2” and it is sure to be seen frequently in games since most people have PS Plus and this pack is after all, free.

I spoke of this skin in my article covering all the leaked items that were data minded. I said it before and I will say it again, this skin looks a little bit like Frozone from The Incredibles. That I think is a good thing and will make people even more excited to download it and wear it frequently.

PlayStation is the only system that has exclusive content for the time being, but that could be to compensate for Sony depriving the community of cross-platform games. I have a PlayStation and play Fortnite a good amount on it, but I am primarily an Xbox One player.

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Hopefully, Nintendo Switch, PC/Mac, and Xbox will all receive exclusive content soon to try and best the PlayStation players.

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