Sniper Shootout and 50v50 limited time game modes return

Photo Credit: Fortnite/Epic Games Image Acquired from Games Press
Photo Credit: Fortnite/Epic Games Image Acquired from Games Press /

Fortnite update v4.4 saw the “Blitz” and “Teams of 20” game modes replaced by the long-awaited return of the Sniper Shootout mode (and not so long-awaited return of 50v50).

Fortnite‘s recent update brought back two generally well-liked game modes in the Sniper Shootout and the 50v50 LTM’s (Limited time game modes). While these LTM’s are generally how you remember them, there were some slight changes to each.

It’s been a while since we’ve gotten a brand new game mode but we’re also excited to play some of the older ones. While it’s only been about a minute since we played 50v50, the Sniper Shootout has been on the shelf for some time now and we’re excited to have it back.

Here are the full patch notes from the update, but we’ll also provide you with a brief summary below.

Sniper Shootout v3

If you haven’t played Sniper Shootout, it’s a good way to brush up on your ranged skills. It’s also a good place to quickly learn how not to get sniped. The only weapons available in this mode are sniper rifles and scoped AR’s. This LTM is a true test of skill and can be difficult for new players or player with poor aim.

Crossbows have been removed from the sniper shootout mode. This shouldn’t impact your play as you likely only ever used the crossbow to scare your other squad members. There is no reviving downed teammates this time around. Once you are down, you are out.

Don’t be discouraged if this game mode takes a while to get good at. Most of the gamers playing Sniper Shootout are players that frequently use the ranged weapons. So much as popping your head up from your base can mean game over. Stay on the move and get the hang of the weapons and it’ll make you better at using them in the regular matches.

Some players are upset that the scoped-AR’s are included in this mode. While they do provide a slight advantage given their fire rate and closer range, anyone who is decent with a sniper will make quick work of those using them.

50v50 v3

Epic Games has greatly increased the amount of supply drops you’ll come across early in the new 50v50 mode. The initial storm circle has been widened and supply drops increased from batches of 3-6 to batches of 4-8. If you haven’t finished your supply drop battle pass challenge, one 50v50 game should get you there.

It seems as though Epic is keeping with their previous attempts to promote more fighting and less building, as all forms of loot have been increased in this game mode, while bonus resources earned from farming has been dropped from +75% to +25%.

Chests and ammo boxes will now spawn double and triple ammo respectively.

Give these two game modes a try as they both provide a fun, different style of game to mix in with your regular matches.

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