Fortnite Battle Royale: What to expect from patch v4.4

Photo Credit: Fortnite/Epic Games Image Acquired from Games Press
Photo Credit: Fortnite/Epic Games Image Acquired from Games Press /

Monday, June 12th is set to be a huge day for Fortnite Battle Royale. We will finally see the jetpack taken out of the game and yet another assault rifle added. Here is what to expect from the newest patch the game.

There are several significant changes coming to the biggest BR in the world, Fortnite Battle Royale. Another device will be moved to the vault, the Teams of 20 LTM will be coming to a close, a new weapon will be added in, and the new skin is worth discussing.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these changes made to Fortnite.

The end of the Jetpack

Thank you, developers, at Epic Games! It is about time this horrible device gets thrown into the vault and never brought back. Never. Much like the guided missile, the jetpack provided an unfair advantage to players without having anything to do with the player’s actual skill.

The jetpack eliminates the need to build as you can simply fly above an enemy and shoot them from an unnatural height. While I don’t really like build battles and avoid them as much as possible, they are a necessary part of the core game.

Just like it wasn’t fair to have someone shooting a guided missile from halfway across the map while hiding in a base, the jetpack is simply unfair.

I will not miss this item in the slightest and I sure am glad the community complained enough about it to get it removed. Also, props to Epic for giving the item a try and being open to feedback.

But overall, this was a swing and a miss addition to the game.

Teams of 20 LTM ending soon

I am sad to see this mode go. Over the last week or so, both the Blitz modes and the Teams of 20 LTM’s have been so much fun to play.

This mode was much, much better than 50v50 because it was so more even and exciting coming down to the end.

Seeing three or four teams fighting it out to the bitter end was awesome. Despite it not counting towards the career statistics, I probably played this mode more than any of the others Epic has added in.

One of my questions is will the developers decide to add one of the LTM’s permanently going forward?

I have seen nothing but good things from gamers who have tried this mode and I sure would like to see it stay. It’s better than High Explosives, Solid Gold, etc. I think it is worth adding to the rotation of modes in the near future.

The new Thermal Scored Assault Rifle

I am really excited about this new gun. Definitely more excited than I was for the Famas being added.

This new gun is one that can be a total gamechanger. While I think it will be a fun and different gun added to the rotation, I am a bit worried about a couple of things. With it being a thermal scope, will it be possible to see through walls? And how far will the scope work?

If you can see all the way across Loot Lake, I might have a problem. Or if you can see a player sitting in a base behind a wall, I will be a little skeptical.

Otherwise, I think this is a brilliant addition as this gun is like a much, much better version of the scoped AR. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if the regular scoped is rarely used now.

The new Flytrap skin is… interesting

What a bizarre skin to be worth $20. The new Flytrap character is pretty strange looking and I’m not sure what Epic was going for with this.

Is it a superhero or a guy that used to be a bug? Plus, the glider and the pickaxe which complete the set are weird too. There have been few skins worth 2,000 V Bucks that I have down right not liked and this is one of them.

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The skin sort of looks like Darth Maul from Star Wars with a mohawk and no black diamonds on his face. But, I could be wrong about this as I have seen several players rocking this skin across both Xbox and PlayStation.

What do you think about the skin and will you buy it?

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