Llegend Fortnite: New Crew Bundle Teased

Llegend Fortnite (sic) is an apparent teaser for next month’s Fortnite Crew pack. Here’s everything we know about this mysterious new skin.

Llegend Fortnite: Everything We Know

Epic Games posted the teaser for The Llegend earlier this morning. The image is a simple definition for a made-up word: Llegend.

According to Epic Games, a Llegend is a noun that means “Someone you can always count on. A Llambro.”

The corner of the teaser has the Fortnite Crew badge, implying that the Llegend is the name of a new exclusive Outfit for Crew Members.

Data for this apparent Llegend Bundle was previously uncovered by prominent dataminer FireMonkey, who revealed the names of the cosmetics in the set. According to FireMonkey, the skin is called “The Legend”, the pickaxe “Puffcorn Pick” and the Backbling is “Llambro”.

FireMonkey says the data is still encrypted, so only the names are known for now. Epic Games’s new teaser seems to all but confirm this.

Images for the Llegend and Llambro have yet to be released, but we can expect to see what the set looks like soon. February’s Crew Pack was revealed the last week of January, so it won’t be long now.

Llegend Fortnite: How to Get

If you want to get your hands on this new Bundle, you’ll have to be a Fortnite Crew Member. Fortnite Crew is a monthly subscription service that gets you exclusive Outfits and matching accessories. February’s Vi skin proved to be a big hit and I have high hopes that The Llegend won’t disappoint.

According to the definition, a Llegend is also a Llambro. This leads me to think that the main Outfit and Backbling will have a few things in common, but I hope that it’s not two llama heads. I’ve lost more than a few fights in Chapter 2 Season 4 thinking that Rocket Raccoon was Groot’s head.