Fortnite: Everything to know about the new Reboot a Friend program

Now is a good time to bug your friend that hasn’t played Fortnite in awhile to get back on. Reboot a friend and get special rewards!

On Monday, Fortnite introduced the Reboot a Friend program to get some older players to get back online. The program will give rewards to players who play a number of games with their rebooted friends. In order to reboot a friend, the friend has to haven’t played the game in thirty days or more to be eligible.

The Reboot a Friend program is currently scheduled to run until January 4th. There are only a few weeks to receive the rewards. However, once you find a friend to reboot, the rewards will be easy to obtain. After playing twenty games with your rebooted friend, you will have earned every obtainable reward.

After five games you receive the reboot emoticon. After ten games you receive the key change lobby track. After fifteen games you will receive the twin talons pickaxe. After twenty games you will receive the holofoil wrap. The rewards could be limited for this event and could be vaulted forever.

The event is limited to one friend to be rebooted. So if you know more people that haven’t played in a while, still tell them about the event. If the word spreads to more people, it will give more people in the Fortnite community to have an opportunity to find a friend to work with. Enjoy the hunt for old friends. We suggest using a baby Yoda back bling as an incentive.